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Dazigno USA wants to make your website experience enjoyable and easy to use. To achieve this, we use cookies. These are small bits of information that we store on your device with your permission.

Cookies help us understand what users like & how we can make things better. This allows us to continuously improve the website to better suit your needs. However, if you choose to turn off cookies, you might not be able to do certain things on our website.

Understanding the ‘Cookies’

Cookie– a short text and numeric file that is stored on your computer with your consent. These cookies allow us to identify your previous visits and preferences. They improve your experience by remembering your login information, chosen items, & preferences, resulting in a smoother and more customized connection with each visit. Further cookies collect data about your website activity, ensuring that the adverts you see are relevant and potentially valuable.

We Use the Following Cookies Categories

Our website uses a carefully chosen set of 30 cookies. These cookies help us tell one visitor apart from another, making your browsing experience smoother. They also give us valuable insights into how people use our website, so we can keep improving it for everyone. We take privacy seriously, so rest assured that these cookies never store any personal information like your name, address, payment details, email, phone number, or account details like username, password, & security questions.

  1. Crucial Cookies– Required for website operation, such as secure logins, shopping cart functionality, & e-billing services.

  1. Analytical Cookies– Identify and count website visits, allowing us to optimize site performance and navigation.

  1. Custom Cookies– These cookies allow us to recognize returning users, tailor content, and remember user preferences.
  2. Targeting Cookies–These cookies track website visits, page views, and links visited to adapt advertising material to user interests.

  1. Shopify Cookies– We integrated Shopify cookies for continual website improvement and service improvements. The Shopify Cookies Policy provides a detailed overview of the precise cookies used to equip our store with Shopify. Please visit the Shopify Cookies Policy for further details.

Third-Party Services

In addition to our cookies, our website works with other companies– like advertising networks and website traffic analysts, that might also place cookies on your device. These cookies help them understand how people use our website and other sites, which allows them to show you more relevant ads or analyze website traffic patterns.




Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook)

Functionality & Preferences

These cookies help make sharing our content on these platforms smoother.

Google Analytics

Statistics & Performance Analysis

This service provides anonymous insights into how people navigate our website, helping us improve your browsing experience.

Google Ads

Advertising & Marketing

We collaborate with Google Ads to show you relevant ads based on your website browsing activity.

Managing Your Cookie Preferences

You may enable or disable cookies on our website using your browser's settings. Just be aware that turning them off may prohibit you from performing some activities, such as signing in, creating an account, or buying something.

We've provided instructions for disabling cookies in the most common browsers for quick reference.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Select the Application Menu icon and choose "Settings."
  • Open, "Privacy & Security."
  • Under "Enhanced Tracking Protection," click "Custom."
  • Open the "Cookies" checkbox and choose "All cookies" from the drop-down menu.

Google Chrome:

  • In the top right corner, click the icon with three vertical dots and choose "Customize and control Google Chrome".
  • Select "Settings" and then click "Privacy and Security."
  • Under "Privacy and security," click "Cookies and other site data."
  • Navigate to "General settings" and choose "Block all cookies."

Internet Explorer:

  • Click the gear icon "Tools" at the top right corner.
  • Select "Internet Options" from the menu and go to the "Privacy" tab.
  • Open the "Advanced" button.
  • Under "First-party Cookies & Third-party Cookies," choose "Block."
  • Click "OK."

Microsoft Edge:

  • Go to the "More" icon (top right)
  • Click "Settings" in the menu.
  • Select "Cookies and Site Permissions."
  • On the "Cookies and data stored" screen, go to "Manage and delete cookies and site data."
  • Disable the option for "Allow sites to save and read cookie data"


  • Go to "Safari" at the top of your browser window
  • Click on the "Preferences" feature.
  • Select the "Privacy" tab.
  • Search for "Prevent cross-site tracking."
  • Click on "Block all cookies."


  • At the top right corner, choose the "Easy Setup" icon. 
  • Scroll down the menu and click "Go to full browser settings."
  • Choose "Advanced" from the menu and select "Privacy & security."
  • In "Privacy and security," click on "Cookies and other site data."
  • Click on "Block all cookies".

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